A Fabulous Santa!!! The Fabled Santa did a fantastic job for my daughter's birthday party. He looks beautiful and he would be the perfect Santa for your event !!!! 2013 family birthday party The Perfect Santa, A Class Act Fabled Santa bought happiness to many young faces at the Centering Pregnancy Jingle Jam. He had a great attitude and the children just loved him. Since we are non-profit, he discounted his rate and stayed longer to ensure that each young face was able to capture a photo with him. He is the "official" Santa for Centering Pregnancy. 2013 503c organization event Perfect Santa! What a wonderful experience we had with Fabled Santa. His level of professionalism is unmatched. He was completely at ease with our guests (children and adults alike) and he took the time to speak with everyone, much to the joy of everyone there. His presence added something special to our event. He looked exactly like his photos and spoke just like Santa. He is the real deal. We will book him again any time we have a Christmas event. If you hire Santa Stephen, the Fabled Santa, you will be very glad you did. 2013 corporate dinner party at the Memphis Zoo and employee bonus and gift handout We Believe in Santa His arrival was perfect and the kids were mesmerized. Love how you got the older ones to participate as well. It made for a very fun evening. You are SANTA! 2013 family Christmas party The Foy Family Santa Fables Santa was absolutely perfect, worked with all my request and really came off as Santa with his presence. Made the night perfect and unforgettable for my boys and their little cousins. 2013 family Christmas party and kitten presentation Legends of Memphis Angel Tree Christmas in September The Fabled Santa added a real atmosphere of Christmas alive as he assisted with celebration of a birthday for an honored Salvation Army leader, pulled a "Vanna White" for the live auction, and was kind enough to donate a home visit to the silent auction. The children in the fashion show got special gifts from him and they all loved seeing the "real" Santa. Thanks for your help and support on this event which helped made it a great success! 2013 Salvation Army charity event Santa likes BBQ!! Santa showed up at the restaurant and was the hit of the day! All of the patrons enjoyed his presence and there wasn't a still camera in the house!!  We are definitely looking forward to his future visits! 2013 Memphis BBQ restaurant visit
Santa Breakfast at University Club of Memphis